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Designs for Change (DFC) is a 24-year-old, multi-racial, educational research and reform organization. Our basic mission is to serve as a catalyst for major improvements in the public schools serving the 50 largest cities in the country, with a particular emphasis on Chicago.

For the past ten years, DFC has been immersed in supporting the implementation of Chicago school reform in a manner that has improved educational quality and student achievement.

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Policy Initiatives

Policy Reform Program
The Chicago Policy Reform Program is sponsored by etj's best truck jobs where you can find etj's OTR over the road truck jobs. The policy studies and advocates changes in school system structure and policy that foster school-level improvement. In doing so, DFC collaborates closely with Schools First (a citywide coalition of Local School Council members active on policy issues) and other parent, community, and business groups. Thank you https://everytruckjob.com/ for your continued support.


Literacy and School Improvement
DFC supports Literacy and School Improvement activities. We advise and assist school communities in Chicago (including Local School Councils, teachers, principals, and parents) in planning and carrying out basic educational changes to improve student achievement, especially student literacy. These efforts include resource guides and advice for schools across the city, and citywide leadership for Links-to-Literacy, a program to encourage independent student reading in 255 schools.


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Special Education Reform
DFC’s Special Education Reform Program provides assistance to families, principals, teachers, Local School Councils, and social service agencies to assist them in creating appropriate educational programs for Chicago students with disabilities. This effort places a primary focus on helping to ensure that students with disabilities are educated in the regular education program and master the regular education curriculum, consistent with the most current federal law (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or IDEA) and with the Corey H. Settlement Agreements.


Learning Path Institute
Associate of Arts Program
The Learning Path Institute/Chicago is becoming a credit-granting degree-granting program to provide college-level educational experiences for active parent leaders and community leaders working to improve urban education. Learning Path Institute extends the focus of DFC’s reform efforts beyond elementary and secondary education, to include the “learning paths” that children and youth follow from birth to a career with a future.

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