Why Private Schools Are Becoming More Popular?

Why Private Schools Are Becoming More Popular?

A large number of parents are choosing to send their children to private school instead of allowing them to complete their studies in public schools. Just like everyone else you may be wondering why this is the case.

In our view, we think that private schools are receiving more learners because they offer an enriched and focused academic environment.

Additionally, private schools, unlike public schools have smaller classes, emphasize more on specialties such as athletics, art, music and extracurricular activities. Private schools are also more accountable to parents and consult parents on many issues affecting their children.

In fact, many parents agree that kids who attend private schools have greater access to teachers, are more academically competent and get exposed to a better education philosophy and a clear value system. For instance, a number of private schools offer morning to evening holiday care program for young kids, a program hardly available in public schools in most states. We, therefore, feel that parents send their kids to private schools want their sons and daughters to have an all-round character.


Nevertheless, not all parents agree with the view that private schools have a stronger academic setting than public schools. What is more, they have a notion that private schools are for wealthy families. Interestingly, the same parents are hiring private tutors or consultants to coach their children over the holidays. We think this indicates that these parents are not satisfied with the quality of education their children are getting in public schools. In fact, if they had more money to afford private schools they will not think twice before transferring their kids to private schools.

Avoidance of Perv Moms in Private Schools

We think that proper sexual knowledge is needed in today’s world and seeing how the phenomenon of Perv Moms appeared in public school system we strongly suggest using the private system of education.

Perv Mom - 2018
Perv Mom – 2018

Perv Mom is all about seducing and sexually using the step-sons and close family members by moms that are not only perverted but very frustrated. It’s a project that showcases the sexual knowledge aspect happening in fantasy homes.

The fact that some parents can afford to send their children to private schools while others cannot is creating an unequal education system. For this reason, some policymakers are suggesting that private schools should be shut down just as Finland did in 1970. However, we feel that the idea cannot work in our country owing to the apparent social and economic inequalities among citizens. If that were to happen, the rich will create their own elite schools within the system and exclude low-income earning families from accessing such schools.

Perhaps the government should address the issues that contribute to the parents’ decision to send their children to private schools.

In our view, students in public schools should be given time and attention just like their counterparts in private schools.

By this, we mean that teachers in public schools should pay more attention to things that interest learners. In this regard, the students want their teachers to acknowledge their love for art, singing, dancing, basketball and much more. Unfortunately, many public schools have large classes which don’t allow the teacher to identify each student’s abilities and talents. We also feel that the general culture at public schools should be changed. This is because most students in public schools never focus on their studies. Changing the environment, the attitude of teachers and addressing other challenges will go a long way in reducing the inequalities between private and public schools and perhaps more parents will choose to retain their kids in public schools.


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