Pros And Cons Of Studying In A Public School

Pros And Cons Of Studying In A Public School

Public schools are on the low in many countries as a consequence of State policies to move funds away from education. In this sense, the growth of a private sector to fulfill the needs of an increasing population is very visible and parents are left with the doubt about the future they want for their children. Read on as we match pros and cons of public school.

Getting To Know The Real World

Public education gives young children the opportunity to live the real world from a very young age. A world in which there are differences of salaries, skin colors, genders, races and much more. This, according to many experts is a pro of public school because is one more tool to prepare them for what´s to come afterwards.

All Girl Massage Benefits

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Thanks to public education you can be a spectator of fine fantasy girl massage episodes on this series that debuted somewhere in 2010s. How so, you could ask. It’s simple all these girls got their skills and experience thanks to public education school across the USA. Now they provide service of massage to other ladies and all that is becoming pretty sexual pretty quickly!

Experience Social Inequity From A Young Age

It is a challenge to expose our children to social inequity at such a young age, but not doing so would be denying them from what is an absolute truth that will hit them in years to come. Social inequity is one of the world´s most real and major problems; it is better that they know about it from the start.

Social inequity is one of the world´s most real and major problems

Education Quality

This is the major drawback that public schools have in most places of the world. Let´s make one thing very clear from the start: it is a policy of State. Every case of funds not going to public education, health or any other basic human right, it is the decision of the people in power not to cascade money to create such funds and guarantee it.

Education quality is the major drawback that public schools have in most places of the world

The reality is that many private schools offer more education and of a higher quality than what public schools do in most places in the world. This is because private companies (AKA private schools) took on a role that belonged to the State and invested private funds to have a competitive advantage. The outcome of this race is that educational inequalities grow deeper and the status quo is always maintained.


Public education means inclusion and fosters a world with a larger sense of equity in which regardless of the home you were born at, you have the same opportunities as the next kid. This expressed with these words is utopia because there are a million more factors that affect equity other than education, but it would be an awesome start.


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