The Education System Efficient In Public Schools?

The public schools are more of learning institutions which are federal, state or local government funded. Apart from the general elementary education since childhood, these schools offer advanced and special education to students up to the 12th standard as well as organize extracurricular or co-curricular activities. However, like every field, these public schools too have […]

Pros And Cons Of Studying In A Public School

Public schools are on the low in many countries as a consequence of State policies to move funds away from education. In this sense, the growth of a private sector to fulfill the needs of an increasing population is very visible and parents are left with the doubt about the future they want for their […]

What The Media Never Told You About Public Schools?

The media has persistently painted public schools as the weak link in an already ailing education system. This has led to more bashing of public schools without any consideration for the positive that can or has been derived from them. ¬†In addition to their being an essential service to community, public schools bring out the […]

Why Private Schools Are Becoming More Popular?

A large number of parents are choosing to send their children to private school instead of allowing them to complete their studies in public schools. Just like everyone else you may be wondering why this is the case. In our view, we think that private schools are receiving more learners because they offer an enriched […]

Public Schools: Fact and Fiction

While to discuss Public education system, myths and misconceptions are abound. If you are on the verge of selecting a public school for your ward, it is important that these misunderstandings are sorted so that you can pick the best school. The paragraphs underneath shall discuss the facts and fictions about public schooling system. Multiple […]

Public Education: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The majority of the public schools in America display various positive points. The public schools in the United States feature a sound academic framework and include the best of the teachers. However, as nothing in this universe is absolutely perfect, there is ought to be some shortcoming with the public schools in the US. This […]

A Comparative Analysis Between The Public Schools And The Private Schools

There has been a lot of debates on the differences between the government sponsored schools and the self-sponsored schools. Most people are of the opinion that private schools offer a higher quality of education. Others favour public schools due to factors such as free education. Teachers Motivation Learning in the public institutions is often interrupted […]

Why Do Some Countries Rank Better in Education Than The US

The USA is among the first world Nations with an excellent educational system. Over the years, USA ranks among the best in the provision of quality education. The ranking is explained by the diversification of different races all over the world going to the USA in search of this quality schooling. However, the recent statistics […]

The Benefits The Extensive Curriculum Used in Public Schools

Introduction ¬†Public schools in the United States are many as compared to the private schools. There has always been a feeling that private schools in America offer quality education as compared to public schools. This is also a belief that has captured the minds of the whole world. Developed countries, developing countries and underdeveloped countries, […]