Public Schools: Fact and Fiction

Public Schools: Fact and Fiction

While to discuss Public education system, myths and misconceptions are abound. If you are on the verge of selecting a public school for your ward, it is important that these misunderstandings are sorted so that you can pick the best school. The paragraphs underneath shall discuss the facts and fictions about public schooling system.

Multiple faces of a public school

Research shows that 90% of the students in the US attend public schools and it is expected that by 2020, the figure will cross 50 million. For accommodating this huge chunk of students, it turns impossible for public schools to adhere to a specific format for imparting education. The count of students in a class is likely to vary between 10 and 60 students in a class. These schools have different areas of specialization like arts, music, science as well as other subjects. The public schooling system includes the Montessori and Waldorf Schools as well. Some schools include public-library-581229_1920the special education system, in addition to the basic education.

Students from the private schools are putting better academic performance

A recently conducted research displays that since 2009, students from private schools are producing better academic performance, compared with their counterparts from public schools. This data becomes evident from the trend that the private school students are scoring higher marks in the standardized mathematics test.

The rate of school dropouts is rising at an alarming rate for public schools

The academicians in the United States have expressed concern about the rising rate of school dropouts from the public schools. This has been a consistent trending, observed since 2010. In the opinion of the academicians, this rate is foreseen to rise further if the root-cause solution is not applied to the problem.

Charter schools seem to be a better alternative to the conventional public schools: a wrong assumption

The assumption that Charter schools are better alternatives to the conventional system of public schooling eventually appeared as falsified. Research proves that the students from the public schools are not trailing behind from their counterparts from public schools and in some instance; they are actually leading the pupil from charter schools.

Public School may not have quality teachers

This fiction is only partly correct as you will find a good count of qualified, expert and experienced teachers, serving various public schools. Hence, it will not be right to assume that students in public schools will get the guidance of smiling-1280975_1920incapable teachers.


Public schools feature more diversity

Public schools, in comparison to the private and charter schools, offer a more extensive choice of academic subjects. The similar comment applies if you consider the profile of the students. A research in this regard suggests that while the private schools include 25% students from the Non-white community, public schools accommodate almost double the percentage.

The points discussed in the paragraphs above will enable you to make a realistic assessment of the worthiness of the public schooling system in the United States and select the best public school for your ward.


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