The Education System Efficient In Public Schools?

The Education System Efficient In Public Schools?

The public schools are more of learning institutions which are federal, state or local government funded. Apart from the general elementary education since childhood, these schools offer advanced and special education to students up to the 12th standard as well as organize extracurricular or co-curricular activities. However, like every field, these public schools too have faced various types of controversy regarding education system – let’s have a look at them.

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School Fund Not Being Used Completely For Education

Perhaps the most alarming reason behind degradation of the education system is the dwindling of sanctioned fund for school regarding education. In many cases, a lion’s share of fund goes in the well-being of a higher authority or the school premises or building rather than being used in educational infrastructure. Without proper infrastructure, proper teaching gets affected big time!

Compact Teaching – Lack Of Complete Explanation

With too many classes, often overlapping one or the other, kids as well as the teachers do not get sufficient time to understand any lesson properly or clear their doubts. There is still a lack of doubt-clearing classes as the tight schedule does not let a teacher take out time for such classes. In merely half an hour or an hour of a single class, teaching around 30-40 students (or even more) there is hardly any scope to teach any chapter in detail and let the students exercise the questions.

Lack Of Efficient Teaching Staff

As degree and not efficiency of teaching gets emphasis during teaching staff recruitment, students often end up with teachers with less in-depth knowledge or the post of a teacher remains vacant for a long time, thus hindering in the learning process of the students. At the same time, students often face problem with the teaching style of any particular teacher because it is not always possible to touch the wave-length of every single student from a class.

Lack Of Sex Education And Mental Awareness Classes

Sex education, the knowledge of good touch and bad touch, moral studies, bullying etc are some of most important issues that a kid needs to be aware since childhood and especially during adolescent and teenage years. Besides, due to lack of communication with elders or friends as well as due to certain circumstances kids often suffer from depression, anxiety, personality disorders, lack of confidence etc –these issues are seldom taught to students by a teacher who is efficient in counseling.

Poor Resources For Extracurricular Activities

Students nurture various hobbies and passions during their growing-up years such as painting, reporting, journalism, photography, politics, music, recitation and various other sports activities like cricket, soccer, baseball, basketball, gymnastics etc. If there is not enough resources or no professional guide for such activities in the schools, the students are the ones who suffer.

Lack Of Technological And Natural Resources For Teaching

In many public schools there is no facility of taking students to outdoor excursions to learn more about the history, heritage, technology, natural resources and firsthand knowledge of issues like recycling, they fail to understand the lessons of geography, science, history etc. apart from tours, many public schools also fail to enlighten kids about literary classics or technological advances as there is no proper audio-visual system.

With all these, lack of competitive opportunities inter-school and intra-school stops the kids from pushing their limits or the interest of learning more. From sports to art and culture, from physical education to part-time internship –there is no dearth of activities to the like-minded pupil but, public schools fail to cater them in many cases.


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