A Comparative Analysis Between The Public Schools And The Private Schools

A Comparative Analysis Between The Public Schools And The Private Schools

There has been a lot of debates on the differences between the government sponsored schools and the self-sponsored schools. Most people are of the opinion that private schools offer a higher quality of education. Others favour public schools due to factors such as free education.

Teachers Motivation

Learning in the public institutions is often interrupted by the constant teachers’ strikes. This indicates that the teachers in the public schools are subjected to quill-175980_1280conditions that are not favourable. This could be poor wages ages, deplorable working conditions and so on. Therefore, their motivation to deliver and assist children to achieve certain skills could be compromised by the lack or low motivation.

However, in the private schools, the proprietors of the school understand that the teachers are an essential component in the education and the progress of the school. Therefore, they make great efforts to increase the welfare of the teachers. This makes the teachers more motivated deliver.

This means that the strikes often interfere the learning process in public schools. This waters down the quality of education since the contact time of the teacher and the student is decreased. In many states in the U.S and other countries across the globe, there is usually the recommended days a child is supposed to go to school for a term of a semester. However, during the strikes, the children have kept away from school. All this time, the children from the private schools are learning. Consequently, the quality of most private schools in higher than in the public schools.

The Differences in the Curriculum

Public schools follow a general curriculum that is agreed upon by the ministry. The teachers are not allowed to diverge from the curriculum. On the other side, the private schools have a rather flexible curriculum. In accordance with the education ministry or department, there is the specific curriculum every school is supposed to follow. However, the private school usually have additions to the curriculum so as to customize it to their culture and philosophy.

american-high-school-744931_1920Topics such as sexuality and religion are not common in public schools. They are perceived as a taboo. However, there are some private schools which empower their students on the topics. The private schools which have an inclination towards a particular religion, for example, Islamic, empower their students on the line of that faith.


In a number of countries, including the U.S the education in public schools is free. This means that is can be accessed by people from all races, backgrounds and all socioeconomic classes. Therefore, there is a mixture of the composition regarding race, faith, classes and so on. However, the private schools tap into certain backgrounds. Private schools have a signature appearance and philosophy. This makes them be preferred by particular categories of people.

Teachers’ Qualifications

The government governs the public schools. As such, the government has a minimum qualification of who can teach the in state institutions. However, the private schools are governed by relatively flexible rules. May studies have shown that public schools have more qualified teachers than private schools

In conclusion, it has been found that most private schools offer a higher quality of education compared to the public schools.However, the free education as enable more people to access education leading to an increase n the number of individuals graduation to the next level of education


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