Public Education: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Public Education: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The majority of the public schools in America display various positive points. The public schools in the United States feature a sound academic framework and include the best of the teachers. However, as nothing in this universe is absolutely perfect, there is ought to be some shortcoming with the public schools in the US. This article will discuss a few key points in terms if the pros and cons in the American Public Schooling framework.

American Public schools feature state-of-the-art technology

A gallant feature of the public schools in the US is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures that students will get access to interactive and effective education.

The public schooling framework in the US is completely supported by public money

A part of the taxes collected from the US mass supports the operational cost of the Public Schools. A collection of the taxes finances the operation cost of the schools as well as the course fees and transportation cost of the students. city-1282252_1920Hence, students attending these schools will never ever have to skip their academic pursuit midway for financial matters.

Public schools set no bars for students seeking admission

It is especially relevant to state that children are never rejected an application for admission to the public schools in the US on the ground like race, religious & political belief, as well as citizenship status. Students with special needs get the special classes.

Students from the Public schools in the US are not cutting a good figure in standardized tests

It has been a point of concern among academicians in the US that students from the public schools are unable to score good marks in the internal standardized evaluations. In this regard, the students from the private schools in the US are putting much better performance.

The rate of homeschooling is rising at a massive pace

A research establishes the finding that since 2009, there have been rising trends among American parents to emphasize homeschooling over the public education system. This has been majorly for the ill treatments that the students get from their teachers as well as the fights between the pupils. This is one of the major factors that i

Family doing homework together

nfluence the rising rate of school dropouts from the public schooling system in the US.


Public schools are unable to develop necessary industry skills in the students

Public schools in the US are unsuccessful in developing industry specific skills in their students and hence, by the time students are hitting the job market, they are unable to prove their employability skill.

The points discussed above uphold the actual standing of the public education system in the United States. It is good to say that the Federal and state government are closely monitoring the public schooling system and they take sufficient measures, including the arrangement of adequate funding so that these schools can deliver quality education to the mass. In the opinion of the experts, the public schools in the country will be accommodating over 52 million students by the year 2020.


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