How Does Public School Curriculum Influence The Economy

How Does Public School Curriculum Influence The Economy

Over the years, public schools have been using the same curriculum to pass knowledge to the students. This curriculum has had its challenges and successes with a striking pattern seen in the United States. Top schools in the USA record a high population of students who seek to pass their examinations and promote the American society. This explains the large population of students in the top public schools.

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The Public school curriculum is arranged in a way that isn’t as strict as the private school curriculum. How does this help? Well, this arrangement has seen more admission of students in public schools. The generated revenue has boosted the American Economy as more money gets into the education sector. The Obama proposed an education fund that amounts to $600 billion public school fund aims at providing quality education to the American citizens. This fund also sees education made easy to access by the low-income families. American as all time super power plans to inject more money into the education system to boost public school curriculum and regain its former standard of ranking. In the recent past, American rankings in Education dropped, and factors like poor management, lack of government support came out as the primary factor contributing to the poor curriculum.

The Public school curriculum has an integral approach where students learn not only how to pass exams,  but also the possible bit of  how to fit into the economy. The curriculum has out of class assignments where students participate in charity events by selling small commodities to improve the American economy through supporting charitable welfare. It’s through this practice that students in The American society learn how to trade and impact the economy.

Provision of immediate job opportunities. The Obama administration manifestos comprised of creating an American Society that offered employment to the graduates. The implementation happens in phases with the majority of the graduates landing jobs in IT sector, agricultural sector, transport sector and government sector. This promotes the public school curriculum as its results are positive in generating great minds to work in the society.

21-obama-cabinet.w600.h315.2xRevenue generation from the sale of textbooks to public school has seen the American States enjoy economic excellence. Most of the books that were sold explained the American History and through this open schools can compare that different economic approaches America has been using to transform its economy.

The Public schools curriculum is designed to see students complete various levels of education within their schooling period. These public institutions consider equipping quality education to its students as they attain higher levels of education. The higher the educational attainment, the higher the income. This is a  trend that has seen the public schools promote students to further their studies with the aim of raising the chances of getting higher private capital.

Contrary Influence

Despite the fact that the American public schools have improved the economy significantly,  there are some challenges this curriculum has had on the economy. The idea of emphasis on course work has seen scientific research and innovation neglected as more emphasis promotes aspiring administrators and teachers. The change part is scarcely looked into hence this curriculum supports job searching as opposed to job creation.

In conclusion, the American public school’s curriculum is one of the pillars of the great American economy. As major changes are done in the people sector, advanced ways of passing knowledge in the public school curriculum is projected to increase.


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