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Areas of Improvement by Public Schools

Countless challenges mar the structure of public school’s education system. It has, over the years, produced graduates, some smart and others half-baked with little to no idea or skills requires by the job market. It is, therefore, no doubt that there is something that lacks either in the curricula or resources or even the human […]

How Does Public School Curriculum Influence The Economy

Over the years, public schools have been using the same curriculum to pass knowledge to the students. This curriculum has had its challenges and successes with a striking pattern seen in the United States. Top schools in the USA record a high population of students who seek to pass their examinations and promote the American […]

Disadvantages of Wide Curriculum in Public Schools

Public schools have a tendency of adopting a nation-wide form of curricula. The curricula comprise of many subjects that a student needs to go through before he or she completes a particular class. It is these topics that cumulatively amount to one’s educational experience and whether he or she is fit for the jobs outside […]

The Benefits of Free Public School Education to The Economy

Education is highly significant to the economy of a country. However, access to education is challenged by two major factors. The factors include time and money.  For this reason, most governments across the world have implemented free education policy.  In the United States, the free education in public schools covers all the expenses. Free education […]

A Few Words

Hi! Are you an enthusiast of education?  If you are, the information on this platform will interest you. I are delving into  various issues regarding the education sector. It is our attempt to shed light on some of the contentious issues in the education. I appreciate the gains made in the implementation of the free […]


1.    Is private school better for my child as compared to the public schools? Most private schools offer a perceived higher quality of education as compared to the public schools in most countries. However, this is usually at a higher cost. In many countries, the public education is free, but in private schools, the parents […]